I think, if I had to pick a favorite kind of shoot, a cake smash may just be my fave. I just love the look on the birthday boy/girl’s face when the cake first comes out and the moment their hands sink into all that creamy icing, before popping a finger in their mouth for a quick taste. And from there, it’s either super uphill or comically downhill. Cake, everywhere. On the floor, in the hair, on mummy, on the camera, yes, everywhere. Watching their funny faces as they squish it between their finger and even toes….I love it all! Not often do little ones have the opportunity to make as much of a mess as possible, laughing and encouraging them along! That is why cake smashes are my favorite. So free, messy and fun! But one thing I’m always asked by my parents, are what to wear? So I thought I would make a blog of your options of outfits that I feel best suit the situation!

1. Tutu

Who doesn’t love a little girl in a great big tutu and flower headband?! (These are provided, and can even be paired with my pair of fairy wings if you want to go all out!)

2. Pretty dress

Though be warned, you might struggle to get the cake out of the dress, if you can at all!

3. Bow tie and suspenders

My favorite option, I mean, come on, how adorable does he look in this?!

4. Romper

This is a pretty standard option to keep your little one covered, but still looking cool!

5. Just a diaper and diaper cover

Keep it simple, show off that cute baby belly and they make so many cute covers now that you can find one for any theme or color scheme. There are even personalized ones where you can get their stats on their little bum.

I also always pre-warn my parents to wear something you don’t mind getting cake on, or bring an extra outfit for you and little one, as you never know how excited they’ll get!

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